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AESP Green Energy FZC

AESP Hybrid street lights are well-designed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of light. AESP offers a wide variety of configurations and styles to meet your specific needs. The Signature model is distinguished by its unusual contemporary look. This street light is revolutionary in design giving it the strength, rigidity and stability to work in high wind area. The stiffening plates can be used to insert logos or advertising (laser cutting or applied stickers).

AESP design and engineering teams created a new generation of wind and solar energy system for lighting streets, but this light can also be Used in different applications.

  • Street Lighting
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Sidewalk Lighting
  • Private Road Lighting
  • Farm & Ranch Lighting
  • Military Base Lighting
  • Campus Lighting

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AESP Green Energy development focused is to provide clean, efficient and cost effective sources of electrical power primarily to replace Kerosene Lanterns, which are the primary source of lighting for the 600 M people living in off-grid SSA.

AESP has developed a “Village centric” approach to providing clean affordable electrical power; the I-Kabin( . The patent-pending I-Kabin is central hub for portable rechargeable batteries; i.e., a solar-powered recharging kiosk. The I-Kabin has been designed to accommodate the weekly recharging of 100 rechargeable batteries, i.e., 100 clients.

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