Brayan Group


Hybrid Street Light

AESP GREEN ENERGY FZC is Brayan Groups renewable energy division and we are a manufacturer of environmentally friendly Hybrid street lights. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of value-added and energy-efficient products. Autonomous lighting products from AESP (Lighting Division) stand out for their aesthetics of design, their ease of installation and durability. But the high quality of our products lies in the environmental benefits they bring.

AESP has a wide range of solar and Hybrid Street lights as well as autonomous lighting solutions. Our products are the right tools for all types of applications, all architectural styles and all climate .Whether your needs are for highway, rural roads, parking or for billboards lighting, AESP has a product that fits your needs because we are the specialist of self-sufficient lighting. Our Hybrid power generation (Soleolia Technology) allows to reduce the environmental footprint of commercial and industrial lighting.