Brayan Group

Brayan West Africa Ltd

Brayan Electromechanical has made its presence felt in the business of supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Electro-Mechanical solutions which include District Cooling Systems, Air-conditioning & Ventilation systems, Electrical & Low current systems as well as Wet Services such as Plumbing , Drainage and Fire-Fighting Systems.

Our “Numero Uno Position” is due to making best use of Available technology, support of product partners and our committed team backed by a wealth of technical support of over 200 Engineering & qualified staff.

It is their collective effort that has shaped us and earned us the Reputation of a company that is customer-centric and committed to offering the highest standards in quality and service.

Brayan West Africa has established its African regional office in Senegal, West Africa, from where it oversees the regional operations and expansion plans.

Brayan West Africa’s management are eager to infuse the country with the company’s innovative, pioneering spirit while strengthening trading relations between UAE and West Africa through skills transfer and inclusive development.

The following countries come under the company of Brayan West Africa

Brayan West Africa’s presence in Senegal is one of continual growth and expansion. The team is focused on expanding its activities in Housing projects, focusing in Affordable housing and renewable power generation.

Recognising its responsibility to communities within which it operates, Brayan West Africa has supplied solar power packs to several small villages providing the basic needs of an individual.